YSP FC continue their impressive form.

So this was it. Yorkshire Sankt Pauli taking on the all defeating Black Lions. If YSP were going to do a David v Goliath job they were going to have to do something magic verging on the supernatural. A David Blaine v Goliath job.

The team were wearing the famous brown shirts of FCSP for the first time, having had some shirts kindly donated by the club (huge thanks to Sven and Hauke!) which meant we no longer had to play in a mish-mash of multi-coloured kits. We even had proper football boots for the team to wear too!

From the outset, it was obvious that this did little to dent the YSP confidence. Taking inspiration from other Davids (Luiz, Villa, Beckham, de Gea and Hasselhoff) YSP started with great optimism in the overcast gloom of West Yorkshire. Slick football was again the order of the day. Hence the disdain shown by the YSP boys when they discovered that the pitch had not been watered prior to kick-off. However, this did not hamper YSP as early exchanges saw some quick tippy-tappy football with passing triangles being forged and Kalit breaking the deadlock for YSP moments after kick-off. 1-0 Yorkshire Sankt Pauli! CASH BACK!

The Black Lions equalised shortly after despite unbelievable defending from Tom and Fuzz. But nothing was going to hold back YSP today as Wren went up the other end to restore to Sankt Pauli lead. SERVE AND VOLLEY! It was a hard fought first half and more sensational Bundesliga-esque goals from Wren and Kalit saw the YSP mavericks skip into half time with 4 goals to the infamous name.

Phenomenal keeping from Carl saw the opposition frustrated for the majority of the game. The frustration was beginning to show as the team in black began to leave feet in tackles and kick out at the technically gifted aspects of YSP. Gaffa for the day Chris Webster showed his dismay for the shambolic cronyism between the Black Lions and the referee by persistently tutting. Tutting did not hold the opposition back as shots began to nestle into the YSP onion bag. With the wind and gradient working against them, YSP were fighting all the forces. It’s the only way they know. Fighting against the elements, authorities and establishment, the team ground their way to the final whistle.

But before the official finally puffed on the steel whistle there was time for one last moment of magic. After some lovely movement from Kalit and Wren, the ball fell to Fuzz who finished exceptionally into the bottom corner. The ball- caressed, the net- rippling, the whistle- echoing. Yorkshire St Pauli had done what they do best. They played with pride, passion and a cheesy grin on their faces. Which is more than can be said for the opposition.

Final Score: 19-5 (L)

No borders. No nations.

We caught up with defender Tom Leak after the game

How was it today?

Err it was great some good passing and moving and we had some real quality out there

How was your performance?

Well it was hit and miss ups and downs, swings and roundabouts sort of game

Anything to take forward in the future?

Yeah lots of positives for sure I mean we struggled at points but at least we’re not a team full of arseholes.

Thanks tom good luck down the line.

Cheers just want a shout out to my Mum. if it wasn’t for her buying 2 Easter eggs for me I might have scored.

Weisse Rose Fanzine Edition 20: Only Love Counts

17,029 words. 26 A4 pages. 11 Contributors. 4 weeks of planning and discussions. It’s finally here, edition 20 of our St. Pauli fanzine ‘Weisse Rose’.

We’ve got the story of the unluckiest St. Pauli fan, who has never seen the boys in brown win. We catch up with Nick Davidson, the author of the newly released ‘Pirates, Punks & Politics’ after a whirlwind couple of months saw him host book events in Leeds and London before heading to Hamburg for the latest leg promoting the first English language book about Sankt Pauli. And if you’ve not read it yet, we’ve got a review from “MacKozie” from the magnificent Der Übersteiger fanzine which tells you all about the book. We get the second installment of a St. Pauli Skinhead’s trip to Port Vale and beyond, we hear about a youngsters first visit to the Millerntor, and how one of our members went to Köln – via Glasgow, London St. Pancras, Brussels and Luxembourg. We laugh at HSV, and are introduced to the latest international fanclub on the scene – The FC St. Pauli Bretagne Fanclub. Rob tells us about the rather special hotel room at the Maritim Reichshof in Hamburg, and we look at how football is being used to help tackle homelessness – both in the UK and Germany. Not enough? Ok. We tell you about YSP FC and our work with refugees and asylum seekers from local charity PAFRAS, we introduce you to St. Pauli Bingo, we hear from Hull CITY fan Nick Quantrill on the fans opposition to a proposed name change by the club’s owner, and we tell you why promotion isn’t the dream for many St. Pauli fans.

Oh, and the best bit? It’s free and available to read and download right now on your computer using the below link. Enjoy!

Click here:     Weisse Rose – Edition 20

Match report: Scott scores as YSP FC shine again.

Yorkshire Sankt Pauli’s second fixture against ’59ers’ was a spectacular affair with goals being the order of the day. To say this match was a fluid game would be an understatement as the onion bag was rippling only seconds after kick off.

YSP adopted their usual five-aside formation. With no strictly assigned positions the formation allowed the entire team to play to their strengths and create what can only be described as ‘liquid football’. The pass and move nature of their play was arguably their greatest downfall within the early moments of the game but YSP were quick to establish a sturdy foothold within the match. Due to the ever tenacious attitude of the starting line-up YSP began to look like they were at one with the pitch.

Intricate passing moves saw shots fly and the 59ers keeper firmly rooted to the spot. Chris Webster replaced Carl after the early intense interchanges but quickly sustained a nasty injury which controversially led to (what would become) a significant goal for the 59ers. Carl was brought back on whilst Webster hobbled off clutching his infamous left-foot. The team kept their heads high and with passing from the likes of Fuzz and Scottopus YSP began to show flashes of magic.

Yet it was the second half which saw the moment of the game. With Scott and Fuzz teaming up around the opposition penalty area, Scott pulled the fucking trigger. Traction engine activated. The net bulged. YSP had done the unthinkable. Glossop, Webster and Artur looked on in disbelief as arguably the most beautiful goal of the game and season was scored by the team’s skipper. Pandemonium ensued.

In the wake of sheer brilliance, YSP began to sit-back and bask in the glory of their footballing prowess. Excellent organisation from the likes of Artur and Carl reaped great rewards as Webster, Fuzz and Glossop were putting their bodies on the line for the team. Blocking, defending, heading (below head height), tackling and intimidating. The team did whatever had to be done up until the referee blew that final whistle that the outfield players had been craving. YSP had done it. They had their heads held high and proud. They achieved what they set out to achieve. They made the YSP fan club proud.

Final Score: 19-1(0) to the 59ers

Team: Fuzz, Chris , Luke , Scott, Carl, Artur

Goalscorers: Scott

Report written by chief YSP FC football correspondent Chris Webster.

Match report: YSP FC 3 – 9 TTWNN

Yorkshire St. Pauli FC 3 – 9 The Team With No Name

Attendance: 1 

Flags: 4

Team: Arthur, Carl, Chris, Fuzz, Ian, Scott, Richard

Goalscorers: Scott (2), Richard


Team from left to right: Carl, Richard, Fuzz, Ian, Arthur (below), Chris, Scott

Having played football for the past year and using it as a social initiative to welcome refugees and asylum seekers from the local area to play football for free, Yorkshire St. Pauli FC took the next step towards becoming Europapokalsieger by entering a 5-a-side Sunday league at Powerleague in Leeds City Centre.

The team was a mishmash of free transfers from the local area, but YSP FC had pulled off a major international coup by signing Polish-born Arthur to stand between the sticks. YSP FC were looking to continue the form that had seen them win 2 games during the Yorkshire St. Pauli ANTIRA tournament last month.

The opposition were nameless, and will now therefore be called The Team With No Name (TTWNN). Unlike YSP FC though, they actually resembled footballers. However, it’s not every week that they’ll face a team kitted out in brown and supported by an array of flags behind the home end. A penny for their thoughts…

The game itself was pretty one-sided, with TTWNN showing quality on the ball and dominating possession whilst YSP FC tried to soak up the pressure and play on the counter. TTWNN had raced into a 4-0 lead, with their pace and skill on the ball proving unstoppable. But as the game went on, YSP FC crept into the game and began to find their feet. Scott scored twice on the counter attack to bring YSP FC closer to the opponents on the score sheet, but truthfully the team lacking a name were too good going forward. The moment of the game though was a great effort from Ian, aka Peter Lorimer, who rolled back the years by playing a one-two before unleashing a shot from just outside the box which rattled the crossbar. Uncomfirmed reports suggest the goal is still rocking…

A good solo effort from Richard got YSP FC’s third goal of the game, before TTWNN scored with the last kick of the game. The 9-3 scoreline didn’t flatter The Team With No Name, but it was a positive good performance from YSP FC, and a couple of goals to celebrate too. But, just like St. Pauli, the football result was irrelevant.

Having fun, spreading the ethos of St. Pauli and being with friends – old and new – is what it’s all about.

Kämpa Showan! Solidarity from Yorkshire.

Scum on tour: Subbuteo Sankt Pauli!

Originally posted on FCSP Athens South End Scum:

Subbuteo Sankt Pauli

It was an ordinary (!?!) evening at the Jolly men’s room, getting rid of some consumed beer when I noticed a small sticker on the wall with a Subbuteo Skull figure and the text “Subbuteo Sankt Pauli” printed on. A Subbuteo “veteran” myself, directly locked the target – after the initial “what the fuck is this?” reaction and a little more time facing the wall, I decided that that the issue couldn’t be solved in there – next morning found me googling the issue and wasn’t long until I found what I was looking for ;-)

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