Another stream. Another 4 goals scored. Another 3 points.

For our second stream, St Pauli faced a trip south of Berlin to Cottbus, who had struggled so far this season. On the back of the dissapointing defeat to Aue, the away trip could have proved a difficult encounter. In ‘The Well’ in Leeds City Centre, we’d gathered about a dozen or so people to watch the delayed stream, and we’d all managed to spend the afternoon avoiding the score – so we were completely oblivious to the scoreline.

As it turned out, the result was incredibly comfortable, a solid 4-1 away win. After our last stream saw the boys in brown come back from 2-0 down to beat 1860 Munich 4-2, we’ve now had 8 goals scored in our 2 streams, and seen us win both games. Highlights of the Cottbus game can be found below.

Our next stream will be against FSV Frankfurt on the 23rd October, with the time to be confirmed. (likely to be around 4pm). We hope to see you all there, everyone is welcome.

2 thoughts on “Another stream. Another 4 goals scored. Another 3 points.

  1. Hi mate,
    Is the chant in the third clip the one you were asking me about? If so, it’s something like:
    Wir holen die Meisterschaft
    Und schiessen Rostock ab
    Der DFB Pokal
    Der ist uns scheissegal

    or roughly translated (with poetic license):
    We’ll win the championship
    And Rostock we will whip
    And the DFB Cup?
    Well, we couldn’t give a…….

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