Our first loss!

Firstly, apologies for the lack of update on here. We tend to post news and updates via the social networking sites, but we’ll be trying to keep this page updated – particularly over the winter break.

If you’ve not followed our recent progress in recent months, it has been a productive few months both on and off the field. St Pauli had, until today, gone 6 unbeaten, and Yorkshire St Pauli have seen increasing numbers attending streams at ‘The Well’.

Today, the performance was rather disappointing, St Pauli never really got going, and for only the second time this season – we didn’t score a goal. Quite frankly, we didn’t deserve to either. The attacking play looked disjointed, and we lacked any momentum throughout the game. Ingolstadt were rarely troubled at the back, and posed a bigger threat going forward – if it wasn’t for Tschauner the game could have ended 3-0. Very little positives can be taken from the game, other than the fact that it was a blip, a one-off bad display which we really haven’t seen this season. Every team has them, you just have to accept it was one of those days and move on.

We had 17 people (and a dog!) in attendance today, a good mixture of male and female, young and (slightly) old. We once feared it’d be a couple of us, in a small, rough pub watching a dodgy stream that kept buffering – with regulars looking at us and wondering what was going on! Far from it, ‘The Well’ has become a superb home, we have had over a dozen for every stream – and 30/40 people have attended at least.

It’s a shame that the Winter Break is upon us, weekend’s won’t quite be the same without a trip to ‘The Well’ to watch St Pauli. Have a good Xmas, and here’s to three points next week against Eintracht Frankfurt!