St Pauli – Club Statement

The club yesterday released a statement on the incidents that occurred during the Schweinske Cup, which led to the event getting cancelled. The statement can be found here:

For the convenience of those who don’t speak German, we have loosely translated the main points of this statement. Here is the translation of the opening statement:

“FC St. Pauli condemns any kind of violence; by whomever it is performed in the context of a football game. We also point out that the vast majority of St. Pauli fans are peaceful and against violence. But we do not close our eyes to the fact that in the context of FC St. Pauli there are a few exceptions”

Furthermore, here are the main points provided in the statement:

  • Lubeck fans were intent on causing trouble, wearing t-shirts with “gang riot” slogans and chanting “gays, lesbians” and “Jewish children”. Any action against the Lubeck fans from the police to stop these actions was non-existant.
  • Journalists have reported that they heard Lubeck ‘fans’ bragging about how easily they could bypass barriers and get to the St Pauli fans. This was reported to the police – with no action taken seemingly taken to prevent this.
  • After the first game, many fans headed to the toilets, where an incident occurred with St Pauli fans and Lubeck/HSV fans clashing. The statement questions why the supporters were not separated by a barrier, as is usually the case. This would have prevented the incident
  • When the police arrived during this incident, they forced St Pauli fans back to the arena. One 20 year old fan was hit by police, and knocked unconscious. He was simply trying to use the toilet. He remained in hospital until late the next day. Fellow fans dragged him away from the police during their attack on the individual.
  • After forcing St Pauli fans back into the stands, the police then came in heavy handed on our fans, using pepper-spray on innocent fans.
  • Sven Brux, our security officer, witnessed this and was also hit by a police baton on the arm and sprayed with pepper-spray.
  • After this, Lubeck/HSV fans were seen stealing banners (“Ramba Zamba“, “Hinchas“ and “Kein Mensch ist illegal“) from the stands. Several St. Pauli fans climbed onto the stand where the flags were located, and attempted to use physical force to prevent theft and to protect other St. Pauli fans.
  • Approximately 25 St Pauli fans then tried to get to the Lubeck fans to recover banners. This event stopped by police and security services. The police did nothing to prevent the theft nor did they attempt to reclaim the stolen items, despite obvious goading from the other set of fans. Why not?
  • After this, a group of St Pauli fans had running clashes with the police. Again, innocent fans were hurt due to police tactics. The injured during these clashes included a 72 year old innocent man, who was sprayed heavily with tear gas. A member of the Supervisory Board of FC St. Pauli was also hit by several shots by the police. At no time were public announcements made.
  • The club accepts that some of fans were involved in fighting in the later stages of the conflict that they condemn in no uncertain terms. The club however feels that the actions of our fans were brought on by the intention of the opposing fans, and the tactics of the police.
  • The club rejects the notion that the actions of our fans are to blame if the tournament is cancelled in future.
  • Finally, the club asks the public to look at the evident objectively and intelligently, rather than making premature assumptions.