MOPO article 12/01/2012: Translation

Thanks to Rob for this translation on an article in MOPO today..

The awful events of the Schweinske Cup are resonating in ever wider circles. Daily new details come to light, daily new statements are made, and on Thursday there is a crisis meeting in the Town Hall.

Senator Michael Neumann is inviting at 12h30 all parties to a “Safety Meeting“ in the Phoenix Room. Present will be officials from HSV, St Pauli, VfB Lübeck, the Hamburg Football Federation, the organisers of the Schweinske Cup, the Police and the Kiel Home Office.

 “I am expecting a shoulder-to-shoulder stance against excessive violence and a general consensus that violence from so-called fans won’t be accepted”, said Neumann ahead of the meeting. The dialogue should not, according to the authorities, involve assigning guilt or the general discrediting of clubs.

 There is a vast, growing demand for such dialogue. Here are just Wednesday’s events.

The Hamburg Left Faction described the Police accounts of the events of Friday as “highly one-sided“. Christiane Schneider, federal spokesperson for the faction expressed aghast that “in the Police statement, the many times witnessed racist and Neo-Nazi incidents in the Lübeck hooligans’ block took place without a single word of warning“. The delegate has pressed charges against a person in the Lübeck block not yet identified by name, who is shown in pictures to do a Hitler salute.

 The Central Council for the Roma and Sinti communities also made a complaint. In order to incite opposing fans, organised groups at the tournament had, according to eye-witness statements, chanted right-wing slogans such as „Zick-Zack-Zigeunerpack“ (untranslatable obscene anti-Roma slogan-RC). “The Police must now determine the offenders using the available video material“, proposed Arnold Rossberg from the Central Council in Heidelberg.

 The Police Union published a statement aimed at St Pauli boss Stefan Orth. “The president of a football club stands there and states that they don’t have a fan-problem. Whoever makes such a statement, must have been in a very deep sleep over the last few years. The club officials consider themselves not beneath shifting blame for the outbreaks of violence onto the Police. By assigning blame in this way, they are providing justification for the criminal violent offenders. That’s the actual scandal!“

Controversial details also from VfB Lübeck. It gave about 120 tickets for the tournament to its Ultra group to distribute themselves and, by doing so, lost any control. In addition VfB fans were supposedly able to gain entrance to the hall without tickets with no problems.

The CDU Faction called for the head of St Pauli’s Safety Officer, Sven Brux. “Someone who publically justifies violence is no longer viable as the Safety Officer of a football club.“, according to the right-wing spokesperson Kai Voet van Vormizeele. The background to this is a statement from Brux that someone who “shouts Nazi slogans must also get the feeling that this is not good for his health.“ Vormizeele described this as “on a par with Nazis“. Brux has since qualified his statement and reasserted that he rejects violence.