A brief interview with Florian Mohr

Here is a translation of the interview from the club site today with defender Florian Mohr. As expected after weeks of speculation,  the club officially announced Mohr would be joining St Pauli when his contract expires with Paderborn at the end of this season.

Florian, what is more important for you: To come back to Hamburg  or the joy of playing for FC St. Pauli?
Both. For me it’s almost a dream, when you can play at such a club like St. Pauli. It’s a great club, with good prospects, but also a great city, my home. I’m looking forward to coming back again after eight years.

How did your friends and your family react to the decision?
Next season i’ll certainly get plenty of ticket orders from my friends and my family (laughs). They’re of course happy for me.

Has there been  an opportunity for you to move to the Millerntor before?
Andreas Bergmann had once shown interest in me as a youngster,  but i remained at Concordia and I know that my coach in Bremen, Thomas Wolter, had contact with Stani. But there’s never been anything come of it.

What is the experience you have had with FC St. Pauli in Hamburg so far?
At 13, 14 i’d often visit the Millerntor when players like Carsten Proepper played. This time I am very excited. As a player I’ve played one or two times a Millerntor and I’m looking forward to the games in the new season.

What do you expect from your time at St. Paul’s?
The club has very good prospects. Whether in the Bundesliga or the second division. I have just signed a contract that is valid for both leagues. The team can accomplish a lot with the fans.

Coinciding with a quartet that you’ve already played with. With Max Kruse and Kevin Schindler in Bremen, and with Mahir Saglik and Sebastian Schachten in Paderborn.
And André Schubert is already the coach. I’m looking forward to the new task, my colleagues and to working with Andre Schubert.