Information regarding Karlsruhe match

We have had several people concerned re travelling to the Karlsruhe game and perhaps not acquiring tickets. For those unaware of the current situation regarding the game, here’s a brief overview.

During the home game against Eintracht Frankfurt in December, a till roll (used as tifo/fan displays) was thrown from the st pauli crowd with the individual concerned expecting it to unravel in the air as so often is seen in European games. Unfortunately it didn’t, and it hit an Eintracht Frankfurt player who was stood ready to defend a set piece.

As a result of this, the individual came forward and apologised. However the German Football Association (DFB) have punished St Pauli for this. The punishment is that 5,800 standing tickets for the Karlsruhe game must not be sold.

Ultimately, this means that many travelling over face an anxious wait to see whether they can obtain tickets. The club do have a right of appeal, and they are currently in discussions and liaising with fans as to whether to appeal or not. I would expect an announcement on this shortly. If the club appeals, the punishment may well be suspended, meaning tickets can be sold as usual. This is merely speculation though at this stage.

There has been serious unrest from fans regarding this issue, and there are a number of potential protests planned that the fans are considering. One mentioned is that fans will boycott all standing areas in a show of solidarity with those who can’t attend.

The Fanladen will no doubt be inundated with requests for tickets. If you have booked flights and hotels for the game and were hoping to obtain tickets from them, I’m sure they’ll communicate there position when a decision on the appeal is made and the situation has become clearer.

If you are desperate for a ticket, the club has said today that there are commercial/business seats still available. If you want more info on this, send us an email at or send us a message on twitter at @yorksstpauli .

We hope this clarifies the situation, and if you need any support or have questions please feel free to contact us.