Banana Party – 22nd April

For our stream next month against Hansa Rostock, we will be hosting a banana themed party. The stream is on Sunday 22nd April, starting from 4.30pm. The banana theme follows the away fixture earlier in the season, when Rostock fans threw bananas on the pitch prior to the kick-off. More details here:

Yahoo report

In light of the seemingly impending relegation of Hansa Rostock, who have won 2 games all season, we’d like to celebrate their success. So we’ll have bananas galore, and encourage as many people as possible to turn up in banana-themed fancy dress. We might even have a few banana relegated songs prior to kick-off!

We hope to see you at Wharf Chambers for the party, everyone is welcome. For more information on the venue and it’s location, please click on the “Wharf Chambers” tab on the right hand side of this page.

Yorkshire St Pauli.

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