Appeal Decision

The DFB sports court today heard the appeal of the club following the ’till roll’ incident back in December v Eintracht Frankfurt. The DFB had originally imposed a ban on St Pauli which would mean that 5,800 tickets on the terracing must remain unsold for a home game. This has been overturned “successfully” after the appeal, and the club will now instead face a fine of €50,000.

The presiding judge Goetz Eilers said in his verdict as follows: “FC St. Pauli is convicted of failure to protect their opponents to a fine of €50,000. We have dealt with this case and decidedly separate from other incidents. There is no hooliganism or fanaticism, no intent to cause damage and no aggressive behavior. ”

The club’s Vice President Dr. Gernot Stenger feels the sentence more appropriate than the previous one: “We welcome the fact that there will be no exclusion of our arguments and the court has upheld our appeal. € 50,000 is a lot of money and the penalty is high. However, this is the result of the history that we have. We know that it is the very last warning. ”

This is good news for those wishing to attend the home games coming up in the next few weeks, as it should make it a lot easier for overseas fans to obtain tickets without the proposed ban going ahead.