Schubert interview with MoPo – 10/05/2012

Today MoPo had an exlusive interview with Andre Schubert, discussing the incidents of the past few days. The full article can be read here:–pauli/st–paulis-fast-weg-trainer-exklusiv-andr–schubert—jetzt-kann-mich-nichts-mehr-erschuettern-,5067040,15211446.html

Here are some of the main points from the interview translated:

  • Schubert laughed and described the events of the last week, describing them as an “”extreme situation”. He said, “In my managerial career, i can now face anything. It can’t get much more dramatic.”
  • Schubert: I talked to the team before the Paderborn game and with some players even before that too, because I assumed that it was my last game.
  • Schubert: I have tried to analyse [the events] with a cool head, what I did right or wrong. It is also dangerous to look upon myself as the victim.
  • Schubert was asked if he feels he lacks authority within the club after the past week: I’ve never in my life felt that I suffered from a lack of authority. (laughs)
  • Schubert on the meetings he had with the players:  I got an awful lot [of insight]. I was very open and self-critical, and the players were open and honest with me”
  • Schubert: I will not change completely, but I will develop without forgetting my strengths, to lose my temper.I will continue to be open and honest and stay cool and relaxed in many situations.

Good luck for the next season!