Introducing…FC St. Pauli Brasil!

One of the best things about being an FC St. Pauli fanclub is meeting other fanclubs around the world. We caught up with a member of St. Pauli Brasil to find out more about their group and how they had become involved in FCSP.

1) The most obvious question, living in Brasil, how did you become aware of FCSP?

Answer: An ex-boyfriend was crazy about the team and introduced me to FCSP. The boyfriend has gone, but FCSP will stay forever…

2) How did ‘FC St. Pauli Brasil’ start?

Answer: We are just a group with a common passion. We aren’t yet an official fanclub, however we will soon be.

3) Living so far away from the Millerntor, have you had the opportunity to see a live game?

Answer: I have never been there before unfortunately. But hopefully i will do soon!

4) Do you ever get chance to watch games together, or is the group spread across Brasil?

Answer: We are from different places in Brasil, and the TV’s in Brasil don’t show the match so our only option is to watch the games online. So we try to watch the match online and discuss it over the internet together.

5) What are the main reasons for your group supporting St. Pauli?

Answer: Mainly it is because of the political views and the different way to ‘do football’. Also the identification with the rebel way of life, i guess these are the main reasons.

6) What domestic football teams do your members support in Brasil?

Answer: We have people from all over Brasil, so the clubs vary with many different supporters. From São Paulo FC, Palmeiras, Corinthians, Atlético Mineiro, Atlético Paranaense, Inter de Porto Alegre, Náutico, and so on.

7) Finally, where do you think FCSP will finish in the 2.Bundesliga this season?

Answer: I hope they finish in first or second place, but until the season starts and we start to see how the team plays i have no idea!

Many thanks to FC St. Pauli Brasil! You can find more information on the group on their website and twitter pages, links below: