Yorkshire St. Pauli – New Forum

Due to our increasing membership numbers, we have decided to create an online ‘forum’ to allow us to interact with our members, but also with everyone else. As a ‘fanclub’ it is important to ensure members have an equal voice in how the group is run, and because we have members from all over the world it’s impossible to do this in person or via email due to the sheer volume of numbers.

As a result, we have set-up a forum to allow everyone to to discuss the group, St. Pauli and anything else you wish. So, the forum is open to everyone. However, there is also a members only section within the forum to allow us to hold membership discussions and votes on membership issues. Whilst we don’t want to be a secretive group, it is important that decisions are made by members and this is the only realistic way of doing so without mass emails. It allows members to get further information on the day-to-day running of the group.

The forum is rather basic in terms of content, because we don’t want to duplicate the content already available on the brilliant ‘St. Pauli UK‘ forum. Our forum is just to provide a discussion point for our members and visitors to our website alike.

You can access our forum by clicking here and signing up.

Note – Members should have received the password for the members area via email. If you haven’t, please email us at ysp@live.co.uk.