The AFM Radio needs your support!

The AFM Radio needs financial support. The volunteer-run radio station helps fans listen to games, in particular blind or visually impaired fans. They are in need of funds to cover expenses, and have asked for donations.

We want to raise as much money as possible for this excellent service for all St. Pauli fans. We will be running a collection at our viewing of the game between St. Pauli and Sandhausen on Saturday at Wharf Chambers, Leeds. 

If you can’t attend the stream, we would be grateful for any donations, which you can make via PayPal. Please send any PayPal payments to us at and include “AFM donation” in the title. Every donation will help!

Once we have collected all donations we will arrange for the money raised to be sent across to the AFM Radio station.

For more information on the AFM Radio service, please see here:

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