Wreath Laying in Köln

This is a message from the St. Pauli fanclubsprecherrat, translated into English for the benefit of our members and readers.

On 17 Sept 1.FC Cologne hosts FC St Pauli in the 2.Bundesliga. Before the game the fanscene of FC St Pauli will lay a wreath in Cologne-Ehrenfeld at the cenotaph to the Edelweiss Pirates.

The Edelweiss Pirates was a youth organization in western Germany that forcefully and openly opposed the Hitler Youth and the Nazi regime in general. At great cost – several members were publicly hanged in Cologne by the SS and Gestapo. (additional information provided by Yorkshire St. Pauli for the benefit of our readers)

Legitimate fan groups are being weakened and discouraged by the power of media, authorities and clubs. The resulting vacuum is being used by neo-nazi groups to present their despicable ideology and to terrorise those who think differently. Aachen, Dortmund and Duisburg are only a few examples.

So it’s time to stand up and remember that fascist ideologies don’t just appear by themselves. And that, in a football context, young fans (Bremen, Mainz, St Pauli) who have defended themselves against neo-nazis, have received national stadium bans instead of being praised for their civil courage.

This is reason enough for FC St Pauli fans to honour the Edelweiss Pirates group, which was, during terrible times, an example of courage and commitment and which cannot be valued highly enough. Formed out of the desire not to march step by step with the Hitler Youth and to be free, many Edelweiss Pirates from Cologne to Dortmund were connected to the antifascist resistance in the 30s and 40s. Many were arrested and mistreated.

We refer you to the excellent archive of the NS Documentation Centre in Cologne:


We are delighted that we can greet the Edelweiss Pirate, Gertrude “Mucki” Koch (88), who will give accounts of her experiences in and around the wreath-laying ceremony. At this point we’ll direct you to an interview with her:


The action will be planned and conducted by the fanscene of FC St Pauli, but we’d be pleased to have many participants from Cologne and the region, who want to join us to organize a worthy and militant demonstration to make it clear that it is once again time to stand up against the brown scum, in the stadium and everywhere else!

Time: Monday, 17.09.2012, 17.00 clock
Location: Bartholomäus-Schink-Straße, Cologne Ehrenfeld

 Alerta Antifascista!