Tickets for Hertha Berlin (Away)

The club have received an initial 4400 tickets for the away game at Hertha Berlin.

For away games, clubs divide tickets into different allocations, a percentage go to the Fanladen, another for general sale, and then some kept specificlaly for foreign fans. The club charge a booking fee of around 10% on top of the ticket price, and charge 6 euros for delivery of the tickets abroad. To acquire tickets you should email the ticket office at (in English is not a problem if you can’t speak German). There is no deadline from which you can send ticket requests, so get them in as soon as possible, with each of the following information:

Membership number: (if applicable, note that members and season ticket holders get priority over non-members)
Match: (state the match you want to attend, note that each match should be on a different email if you want to attend more than one)
Tickets required: (state the number of tickets you want, and also whether you want them to be standing or seating tickets – although the club often struggle to offer standing tickets).
Payment details: Sometimes the ticket office will require that you pay for the tickets via bank transfer, which can be a pain because you incur a large fee usually from the bank for doing so. However, if you provide credit card details on your email they may be able to take payment directly from the credit card.