Hotel in Hamburg

News from the Fanladen that may be of use to those of you who venture to see the boys in brown.

The Fanladen has organized a co-operation with Meininger Hotels for official fanclubs. Meininger is a small chain of budget hotels/hostels, with a property in Hamburg Altona, several in good locations in Berlin, plus properties in Cologne, Frankfurt and Munich.

If you make a booking using the password “Millerntor”, you will get a 10% discount off the prevailing daily rate at Meininger hotels. This offer is bookable by:

Phoning +49 30 666 36 100
Faxing (old schoo!!) +49 30 666 63 222
Or e-mailing

Sadly, you can’t use this offer for on-line bookings.

Most importantly, at the end of the season the Fanladen gets 10% commission on all bookings made in this way.

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