Statement from the fan committee

Below is the translated statement released earlier from the Fan Committee, following the discussions with the various representative bodies of the club.

On 17 October there took place a discussion on the paper from the DFL entitled “safe stadium experience” on the invitation of our presidium. Representatives of the fan committee were initially not invited. This happened belatedly after intervention from the Fanladen, the supervisory board and the AFM.

At this discussion all participants expressed their clear rejection of the DFL Paper, with the exceptions of the presidium and board. This happened, however, by no means on the basis of deficient empirical data on violence in football, as per the presidium’s statement, but from basic considerations. The planned measures of the DFL are for us nothing short of a declaration of war on all organized fans in German football stadia. Also of this opinion are the official fanclubs of FC St Pauli, who spoke out unanimously against the DFL Paper at their annual delegates meeting on 6 October.

An excellent explanatory statement content-wise is featured in the declaration from Union Berlin on this subject, which we will point you to at this stage; the kind of statement that we had also hoped for from FC St Pauli. For this purpose, however, the views of presidium and organized fanscene are obviously too far apart.

The proposal of all the participating bodies at the meeting, to release a statement together with the presidium, was rejected by the presidium and in its place a statement only supported by the presidium was released. Because of this we are forced to make public the consequences of the discussion by means of our own statement to make our position clear.

Of course we are prepared to take part in discussions about the future of football as spectator sport for the purpose of developing concepts together. Such discussions cannot, however, have as basic principle conditions decreed from above, but must begin with a survey, involve all participants, take place on a level playing field, and the end result should be open.

Fan Committee