Nazis Not Welcome.

We were disappointed to read an article (see here) which suggests that an English “fan” in the away end at 1860 Munich on Saturday was arrested after insulting a kiosk operator and then showing a Nazi salute.

If the report is correct, this is a disgusting act and we would like to publicly condemn the individual. Many English fans, and many fans from other countries across the world, enjoy visiting St. Pauli and support the club because of their political ethos. We are always welcomed by St. Pauli fans on our travels, and we hope that the stupid actions of one individual do not tarnish the reputation of visiting supporters from abroad.

Let’s make it clear. St. Pauli isn’t a fashion statement. It’s not just a good place to visit and have lots to drink and experience a real football atmosphere. St. Pauli, as a club and a community, has a long history of opposing all forms of discrimination, and it is strongly against racism, sexism or homophobia.

If you can’t abide by the ethos of the club then you are not welcome.