To Ingolstadt and back.

One of our German based members and a regular contributor to our fanzine made the early morning trip to Ingolstadt. Here’s his review of the final game before the winter break.

Tours to the south of Germany are always a bit complicated. I started about 5am in the morning, this time travelling by train, reaching Bavaria after 4 hours and lots of drinks. I’m really pleased that I did not fall asleep on the train. Some of the guys on twitter had suggested i’d fall asleep and end up in Vienna…

I arrived early because I always like to see a bit of the city where we are playing. Ingolstadt is just a bit north to Munich and totally dominated by the Audi-company. At least inhabitants told me so. The town has a nice medieval centre, but was apart from that quite boring. So we went to the local Christmas market and tried some typical Bavarian Christmas food. I especially liked the so-called Jaga-Tee, a mix between tea and booze.

We were swapping some stickers and buttons and a small child (maybe 5 years old) of one guy asked me whether I could give him some stickers. I gave some from USP and asked whether he is already an anti-fascist and wanted some political stickers. He just answered “Oh Yeeees!”. His father seemed to be very proud. Made my day!

After that we went to the ground by bus, which is some miles away from the city and a typical, boring modern stadium. Another highlight was the dialogue with the steward, I claimed I was a diabetic and took food and drinks into the ground. Grande!

The game was from my point of view typical of the season so far, no luck (the offside goal, which actually was not offside), not enough pressure, but actually I should be satisfied, before the game I was really sure we would lose this game. At least we got one point. And I’m not that good at describing football matches in English and I think you all have seen the match or the highlights on the internet, so i’ll let you read about the game elsewhere.

The atmosphere was ok,  I was really far away from USP in the away sector, so maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know. But it was surely better than the atmosphere in the home areas. The match just had about 6000 to 7000 visitors and the most were FCSP fans. The small Ultra group of Ingolstadt “Supporters Ingolstadt” tried their best, but it is really impossible making a loud atmosphere with about 50 people.

The 12:12 protest against the “Sicheres Stadionerlebnis” worked well, the complete ground was very silent the first 12 minutes. But we have to think of another resistance concept, the fans in Schalke or Düsseldorf have already problems with this kind of protest.

After the game I went to Ulm, which is a bit south to Stuttgart to spend the night in the apartment of a friend, on the next morning I returned home.

It was a nice trip, although the game was not that good. But every time you meet so many nice people and this is probably what Sankt Pauli is about. It’s not about the success, it some kind of lifestyle and I’m satisfied when I’m travelling to the games and meet other fans or write articles for them 😉

We are Sankt Pauli! 

Article by @bucanero1910