“Weisse Rose” – January Edition Out Now

The latest edition of our Weisse Rose fanzine is now available, and as always it’s free!

Our fanzine originally started as a small newsletter for our members, to tell them about the group and our meetings. We then had requests from people to sign up to our newsletter as a way of people getting information about St. Pauli as well as the group. Soon the newsletter developed into an English language fanzine, and has grown to publish articles, interviews, match reviews and more – to keep English speaking fans up to date with the club.

As always, a huge thanks to those who make the fanzine possible. Those who write articles and share their stories with us, the St. Pauli community who share information and raise our awareness, and the club and players themselves for helping us with interviews to ensure it is more than just a few people from Yorkshire trying to talk about football!

In this edition: Fabian Boll, Der Übersteiger, the new Gegengerade, English ticket prices, a look at the season so far, the 1910 Museum plans and a look at the increasing right-wing element at Borussia Dortmund (and some more, too).

The fanzine is completely free, to read just click the link below. To download it to your computer, right click the link and select “save link as” (firefox, google chrome) or “save target as” (internet explorer).

CLICK HERE:    January Weisse Rose