Live below the line.

The Scott family of Halifax are not content with simply signing a petition or wearing an armband when it comes to global poverty. In fact, Gary, Katharine and children; Kai, 11, Persephone,  7 and Emmeline, 1, are putting their convictions on the line and spending just £1 per person each day for a week on food.

From 29th April – 3rd May, Gary & Katharine, both workers at Suma Wholefoods in Elland,  will be joined by thousands of other people across the country and internationally who are taking the challenge. As a part of the Live Below the Line campaign, every single one of them will be spending just £1 each day on food – the UK equivalent of the international extreme poverty line.

Yorkshire St. Pauli member Gary told us more about the campaign. “1.4 billion people struggle to meet their daily needs, not just food,  on less than £1 a day, and that’s scandalous in an age when we already have enough food to go around. So why do hundreds of thousands of children still die from malnutrition?”

“We’ll be donating all the money we save to the Palestinian Spafford Childrens’ Centre, in East Jersualem,  as their poverty is compounded by the political situation they are born into.”

“I wouldn’t say we are “looking forward to it”, but I’m sure it’ll be an eye-opener. We’re lucky in that we have access to cheap, healthy food from work, and the kids have already started planning and budgeting for meals – in fact, it was my 11 year old that suggested it was something we should do.”

Anyone wishing to donate, or find out more, can go to