Yorkshire St. Pauli and TBG Presents…


New t-shirts! And they’re properly designed this time! These designs are part of a unique collaboration between Yorkshire St. Pauli and The Beaten Generation (www.thebeatengeneration.co.uk). These t-shirts are available on our Spreadshirt website (www.yorksstpauli.spreadshirt.co.uk) and are available now for £16. The slight increase in cost from our other t-shirts is because of the better quality of printing used.

We’d like to extend a huge thanks to Wayne from TBG for his excellent designs and his hard work. We’d encourage everyone to visit his site too, there’s lots of ace stuff on there! www.thebeatengeneration.co.uk. You can also follow The Beaten Generation on twitter – @TBG2005

We also asked Wayne to answer a few questions, to give readers an insight into TBG and the designs.

• For our readers who may not know of you or your work, can you just give us a brief introduction to The Beaten Generation?

I’m a Leeds United fan, and TBG began when I designed a t-shirt to mark the 30th anniversary of the 1975 European Cup Final in Paris. In the last act of the great Revie era, Leeds lost to Bayern Munich thanks to some provocative refereeing which started a riot, so I combined an image of a baton-weilding French referee with the title of a song by The The which just seemed to sum it all up. Then I started thebeatengeneration.co.uk blog and began working with the relaunched Leeds United fanzine, The Square Ball, contributing posters on various aspects of the club’s ownership which I thought worthy of criticism.

• You approached us a few weeks back about getting involved by making some t-shirt designs. What made you interested in getting involved?

As well as Leeds, I’ve written a lot on Austria Salzburg, who were reformed in their original colours of violet & white by fans in the 7th division when Red Bull rebranded their club in 2005. On my trips to Salzburg I heard loads about St Pauli from my mate Harry at Fanclub Absolut, who often goes to the Millerntor. I learned from him all about about Die Kultvereine, Fanfreundschaft and the Gegen den Modernen Fussball movement, and it’s since become increasingly clear that the way German clubs regard supporters is preferable to the sort of treatment English fans have to become used to; certainly at Leeds, where we were commodified and condemned by Ken Bates. So though my foreign footballing allegiance is violett-weiss rather than braun-weiss, there’s so much to admire about St Pauli and I’ve followed the growth of Yorkshire St Pauli for the last year or so.

• You’ve made for us two 8-bit style designs. Where did the inspiration for this come from?

St Pauli has such a wealth of excellent fan-made design that creating something new from scratch is a challenge. But its existing colours and iconography are so distinctive, I looked for a design style which would compliment Yorkshire St Pauli’s t-shirts and maybe have slightly wider appeal, hopefully even in Germany itself. I had in mind a brilliant German design house called eBoy who work almost exclusively in pixels, and decided that could be the way to go.

• Why did you think they’d be the right style for us?

I found pixels to be the perfect expression of the way I see St Pauli because each image is made up of equal, identifiable parts, much like a club’s membership. It’s an open, democratic style for an open, democratic organisation. It also has a warm, lo-fi character which offers an antidote to the cold, high definition way in which the modern game’s presented, which I find increasingly detached from the simple reality of what football actually is.

• How can people find out more about the work you do?

Well, they could follow me on Twitter on @TBG2005 and check out thebeatengeneration.co.uk for a whole bunch of words and pictures on football, art, Leeds United and Austria Salzburg’s bid to go back to the Austria Bundesliga.

• A huge thanks from Yorkshire St Pauli. The t-shirts are ace! Hope to see you down at Wharf Chambers sometime to catch a game.

No problem, it was a pleasure working with you lot. Hope to make it along to a game sometime too, as I heard a rumour that it’s your round.