Happy Birthday – To Us!

Yorkshire folk tend to like reminiscing about the past. “Eeee, when a wa’ a lad!”. Since we don’t want to break this tradition, here’s a tale of how Yorkshire St. Pauli was born – two years ago  today.

Two years ago today, Friday 13th May 2011, 6 strangers from Yorkshire met up together following an informal arrangement made on the St. Pauli UK forum. Rob, our founding member, had been trying to gauge the interest in Yorkshire for a couple of months, and eventually a date and time was set for the first ever organised meet-up. A Friday evening in the Witherspoons pub at Leeds train station was a bit different to the Jolly Roger, but we avoided the mass of people celebrating the weekend and sat down to discuss how we could start a fanclub.

We didn’t want much, a place for the small number of us to meet up and watch games – which we figured would probably be in the back room of a local pub on a tiny tv. We needed £30 to cover the cost of registering as an official fanclub, so we divided it by the six of us and paid £5 each as a membership fee. We figured we could probably drag a couple of friends along for the odd meet-up, so we may have more than just the six of us every time.

Since then, the group has expanded beyond our wildest expectations. We have found many other St. Pauli fans in Yorkshire who were shocked to find the fanclub, and we’ve also had the pleasure of introducing new people to the world of St. Pauli. We’ve met fans and fanclubs from around the world, we’ve welcomed some St. Pauli fans to Yorkshire, and we’ve had the support of many amazing people within the St. Pauli community who have helped us establish the fanclub and spread the word about the wonderful St. Pauli outpost in Yorkshire.

The six of us knew that St. Pauli was a magical community, but we didn’t realise just how magical it was. Thanks to all of our members and to those who have supported us.