No person is illegal!


It is with great disappointment that we read last night’s statement from a group of St. Pauli fans, posted online, regarding the dismal treatment of refugees by the city of Hamburg. The statement has been copied from various St. Pauli websites, and we have (roughly) translated it in full into English below:

“It is with dismay that many of us watch as several hundred fugitive from African countries are left for weeks  in the lurch by the city of Hamburg. We, a group of fans of FC St. Pauli, want to gather our forces and actively support the fugitives in their struggle for a safe stay in Hamburg and a better life.

The Senate has negleted its responsibility as a government of one of the richest cities in Europe to support those people who have fled with little more than their own lives here in front of a civil war.

This is not our Hamburg!

Whatever we can do, we will help. We call on all citizens of the city, to give himself a lift and to lend a hand. At the moment we will network with the escapees directly, with the churches, with anti-racist initiatives and other key agencies to develop a concrete plan. For those who do not want to let the situation pass, please follow these channels and await further information on how to show your solidarity and support. We  also require the institutions and bodies of FC St. Pauli to act itself, to help where this is needed and wanted by those affected and their supporters.

No human being is illegal!”

To provide further information on this story, 300 people arrived in Hamburg from Italy having initially fled Libya due to the civil war. However the local government in Hamburg have failed to provide accommodation, and the political debates continue – whilst innocent refugees who are in need of support are stranded, and being left without any answers. This is clearly not acceptable. More information can be found in English on the following website:

About 80 of the refugees are currently being accommodated by the St. Pauli church, but more needs to be done. A very valid point was also made by the website here, which calls on the board of St. Pauli to do assist. It also points out the clubs own guidelines, particularly Article 3:

“FC St. Pauli is a neighborhood association. From this he draws his identification and has a social and political responsibility to the district and the people living here. “

We would urge the club to act upon this guideline, and show that this club still stands for the values which we all hold. We can not simply ignore the situation and pass the buck onto someone else like the local government seems intent on doing. Someone must take responsibility and stand up for the human rights of all those who are in need of our support! It is simply not good enough to ignore the situation or to say “it isn’t our problem”.

According to our information, the club have already reacted and will start direct talks with those organisations that already support the refugees to see how it may help.


The St. Pauli church where some of the refugees are staying has asked for donations to be collected, and have given German bank account details. However for members overseas, you would most probably incur a bank charge fee for this.

Therefore Yorkshire St. Pauli would like to assist in this fundraising and offer financial support. We will be collecting donations and sending these to Hamburg on a regular basis to offer our support via paypal.

If you can afford to donate, please send your donation to us via PayPal ASAP using the email address All donations will be passed onto the church via one of our memberswhilst the situation is ongoing, to help with food and living costs. We would like to show our solidarity by raising as much money as possible, from those of us who live outside of Germany and can not physically help with the situation.

It is unclear how long this situation will go on for, and therefore it is unclear how long the church will require donations. If any donations are received after the situation is resolved, we will donate the funds to the ‘USP Antirazzista’ fund, who work with refugees / asylum seekers as well in similar cases.