Weisse Rose – A Pre-Season Special.

After just a few weeks to recover from the trauma of last season’s performances, the season is upon us again. 19th July, exactly two months since St. Pauli’s last game of the season, the boys in brown will return to the Millerntor for a tough first game against 1860 Munich.

The problem with pre-season is that there’s nothing really exciting to talk about. It’s just not that exciting is it? I miss the football during the summer as much as anyone else, but I find it difficult to become bothered about the score in a pre-season friendly match.  Do people really care about the thumping’s we’ve given some local amateur sides, or what number shirts the new players are going to be wearing? We thought not.

The problem with that is, it leaves us very little to tell you about in our fanzine. So, rather than give you loads of boring details and indepth analysis on rather meaningless stuff, this fanzine will cover some random and hopefully interesting stuff. Forget the Rugby Union style friendly scores, our pre-season special will tell you stuff that may (or more likely—may not) come in useful during the course of the next season. Fixture dates, ticket advice, chants— the useful stuff. We’re also going to tell you about some of the interesting projects that are occurring both within Yorkshire St. Pauli and St. Pauli, and we may well tell you a bit about the football team too. We’ve also got some predictions from St. Pauli legend Michél Mazingu-Dinzey, plus a look at the 2.Bundesliga season ahead and the recent protests during the Confederations Cup in Brazil.

As always, our fanzine can be read and downloaded using the below link. To open the fanzine in your browser, just click the link. To download, right click the link and select “save link as” (firefox) or “save target as” (internet explorer).

Weisse Rose Edition 16 – A Pre-Season Special