Wir sind mehr / We are more

The below message has been posted on the St. Pauli fanscene in the last day or so. A special thanks to the Fanladen and www.stpaulinu.de for raising our awareness of this. The original post has been translated by one of our members to help spread this fantastic message. Please take a minute to read the message below, and then if you agree with it take the time to download the word document. Fill in the details it asks for (first name, last name, profession, location if not Hamburg) and email it back to fcsphilftlampedusa@gmx.de .

Solidarity and best wishes from all of us at Yorkshire St. Pauli.

The Millerntor often sings “Wir sind ooooh Sankt Pauli” (We are ooooh St Pauli) when things get tight, when it’s beautiful or when it’s tricky. An encouraging mantra, with melody instead of oompah, with expressive feeling instead of unfeeling pressure. Today I received a request by the supporters of the group Lampedusa via the Fanladen Sankt Pauli which I signed straight away. It starts with “We are…”.
We are more.
We are residents of Sankt Pauli and we are people who think Sankt Pauli is great or important. We think that Sankt Pauli – its best aspects being the variety and connection between the various people, its solidarity, its lived humanity – is in its own way exemplary.
Which is what we want to be. Because of this we declare:
No matter if we want to or have to live here, no matter if we work here or if we are looking for work here, no matter if we just tolerate this place or if we love it – we all appreciate Sankt Pauli. Many of us have learnt that a good life is only achievable if you approach it with open arms, open eyes and an open heart and only with shared powers. Many have grasped here for the first time that difference is an elixir of life and not a reason to be afraid. Many of us understood here that it is helpful to say things clearly and directly – quietly or using your hands and feet. Because of this we all know: getting along together is the beginning of living together. That is exactly what we want.
We want to welcome within our means those people who had to escape inhuman, insecure and starving situations to often experience inhumanity and insecurity in Europe once again, to treat them respectfully and protect them if they want it. We want them amongst us until they’ve found another circle of their choosing. We want to accept that different opinions exist – amongst the refugees and amongst us.
We made a point in and around the church of Sankt Pauli. Because we want to, because we can, because we need to. The point is peace, a sign of love, a sign of the future.
We are confident that what we can achieve here, every other district of Hamburg or anywhere in this country can and should also achieve. We want to be an example, an example of many. Everyone can follow our lead.
Be a signatory?
Download here, complete, send back….