Message from Wir Sind Mehr

The following message was posted on the Wir Sind Mehr Facebook page. One of our members has translated this in order to raise awareness of the post. Please read and share.

Strain on the eyes

Yesterday it was attempted at short notice to oppose the Hamburg senate’s riot strategy in regard to the Lampedusa refugees. Everyone was there: the angry people, the badly prepared police army and the more or less well paid journalists of the local papers. Only the truth got lost.
And this way the fellow citizen – who depends on media reports – did not notice anything. The “Schanzen terror riot” was copied out of old stencils into the headlines as if there was no reality. You could only read about the causes and causers in homeopathic (watered down) accounts. Business as usual? The media strategy of the senate appears to have worked.
The blame put on the Flora so you can deport the “black Amadou”?

Not quite, because there were three big defeats for the strategic strategists:

1. More than 1000 people understandably angry because of the racist expulsion logic of the senate showed in a clever autonomous and at the same time solidly united demonstration that they are now superior to the cumbersome machine with order-led machine-people. Apart from inside the kettle, there were no attacks worth a mention on anything, although they were possible everywhere. The whole Schanze is still the whole Schanze. The pigs were more or less by themselves. That is why the divide and rule strategy does not work. Not a single participant had to stand away from anyone or anything. That is so far unique:

2. Local residents and shop keepers in the affected streets opened their doors voluntarily and invited pressured/harried protesters in on more than one occasion. This is not an usual or new thing for the Schanze. But it is for 2013 and to this extent. Something is growing together/closer, the senate is not going to like it. People understand that their own situation does not get better by making other’s worse. Solidarity can be experienced, can be done and is wonderful

3. More and more journalists do not play ball. Similar to the police they suffer upset stomachs more and more often. And the mostly independent if completely chaotic social media delivers quick and accurate control views of the lies of the cumbersome mainstream media. Even a look on the supporter list of the St Pauli Manifest “Wir sind Mehr” ( shows where this can lead.

State sanctioned racism feeds from three sources: intentional ignorance, proactive violence and a controllable published opinion. Scholz and Neuman show as best in class in regard to the first two sources and if you open the daily paper you have the third strand in your hand. But this can change through you.
The negligibility on “wirsindmehr” which you are curently reading can reach 20.000 people. Take 10% and let them talk for one week to colleagues, neighbours, family members, fellow pupils, players, students, shopkeepers and their dog, (Maybe just one sentence: “Look here, even the Spiegel [a respected political magazine] invents things just so we can fall for it…” You can of course use different sentences); this would take us up to 100-200.000 contacts in Hamburg. That is what Springer [“Germany’s Murdoch”] and Mopo have in this country.
This is a good opportunity, isn’t it? Let’s just try it, life will show us if it works