St. Pauli statement on Lampedusa situation

Today’s official declaration by the executive committee of FC St Pauli in regard to the situation of the Lampedusa refugees, translated into English:

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“To do the refugees justice
The fate of the Lampedusa refugees concerns many people in our city. The executive committee of FC St Pauli declares:
We have followed the events around the Lampedusa refugees of the last few days with great concern. The fate of the approx 80 people who have four refuge in our disctrict – among others in the St Pauli church – touched us from the first day and we have swiftly and without bureaucracy helped with donations of goods. By now there is an awareness of the existential problems of the Lampedusa refugees in the centre of society which will to a political discussion about existing laws and practices.
With a view of the current developments we appeal to all involved parties to find a peaceful exchange again ant to jointly seek a solution which will do justice to the people who fled from war and got stranded in Hamburg. In line with humanitarian aid, FC St Pauli will continue to support aid projects for the refugees and help with donations of goods.”