Frontzeck ‘placed on leave’.

Official statement of FC St. Pauli regarding putting Frontzeck on leave:

“It has not been an easy decision. But Michael Frontzeck told us that he does not want to work for the club after the end of the season because we did not agree to an immediate extension of his contract” explained president Stefan Orth.

“We suggested a timetable which provided for negotiations during the winter. Michael Frontzeck did not accept this. We wanted to wait for the development of the newly formed team and then have discussions with the whole management/trainer team. The signals we have been giving have been positive throughout. Because of this we are surprised by the reaction and behaviour of Michael Frontzeck. In regard to the tasks ahead and the development of a new team for the new season, we do not see any basis for a working together trustingly and we have decided this step [i.e. to put Michael Frontzeck on leave of absence]” said Sports director Rachid Azzouzi who informed the team about these developments on Wednesday morning.

The team will be looked after by the current co-trainer Roland Vrabec, who will act as the responsible manager for the home match against Cottbus.

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