The winter break felt almost infinite until the 2.Bundesliga started again yesterday. About 50 grey, cold and dark days passed by until our first match in 2014. Luckily, the winter  of 2014 was not as harsh as usual and so we, the better half and I, took the opportunity to see our away match against Arminia Bielefeld.

We took an early train together with a good bunch of St. Pauli fans. The morning looked bright and sunny until we arrived in Bielefeld two and a half hours before the match. We found ourselves surrounded by a number of watchful policemen. We were not allowed to leave the train station and we had to wait around until the police brought the whole group to the stadium. The stadium of Arminia Bielefeld is located in a living area of the city surrounded by gardens and usual houses. All streets were empty and people looked through the windows of their houses to find out the reason for such a procession of football fans; just a bit too careful from the police, if you ask me.

 1 Stadium Arminia Bielefeld.

It has to be mentioned that the fans of Arminia Bielefeld are considered to be good friends with the fans of HSV with both clubs being members of the so-called axis of goofiness (derived from President Bush’s axis of evil). So, it was also logic that any alcoholic beverages were banned from the match due to security reasons.

Nevertheless, the away end was completely packed with around 3,000 people, who gave a great vocal support. The Arminia fans also did their bit to add to the atmosphere and showed a choreo, which I thought was ok. Affter eight minutes, Bielefeld got a penalty, which Hübner shot against the crossbar. Afterwards, St. Pauli looked better and took the lead with a great goal from Lennart Thy. In the second half, St. Pauli maintained the pressure on Arminia and Chris Nöthe scored to make it two nil. On a bright and sunny summer day, the match would have been over. Unfortunately this was not the case. So, Arminia Bielefeld came back with a header from Przybylko. And in the dying minutes, the usual scenario happened again. We lost the ball to Arminia and Przybylko scored his second goal.


Choreography Arminia Bielefeld 1


Choreography Arminia Bielefeld 2

I hate such matches, because these draws feel like a defeat. Again, we were not able to keep a lead until the end of the match. This was at least unnecessary. Together with some shouts from the Arminia fans (‘St. Pauli is shit’), we left the stadium and Bielefeld. Strangely, there was no police at the end of the match and the fans mixed peacefully at the train station. Somehow still a grey and dull winter day.

Author: Johannes