Match report: Scott scores as YSP FC shine again.

Yorkshire Sankt Pauli’s second fixture against ’59ers’ was a spectacular affair with goals being the order of the day. To say this match was a fluid game would be an understatement as the onion bag was rippling only seconds after kick off.

YSP adopted their usual five-aside formation. With no strictly assigned positions the formation allowed the entire team to play to their strengths and create what can only be described as ‘liquid football’. The pass and move nature of their play was arguably their greatest downfall within the early moments of the game but YSP were quick to establish a sturdy foothold within the match. Due to the ever tenacious attitude of the starting line-up YSP began to look like they were at one with the pitch.

Intricate passing moves saw shots fly and the 59ers keeper firmly rooted to the spot. Chris Webster replaced Carl after the early intense interchanges but quickly sustained a nasty injury which controversially led to (what would become) a significant goal for the 59ers. Carl was brought back on whilst Webster hobbled off clutching his infamous left-foot. The team kept their heads high and with passing from the likes of Fuzz and Scottopus YSP began to show flashes of magic.

Yet it was the second half which saw the moment of the game. With Scott and Fuzz teaming up around the opposition penalty area, Scott pulled the fucking trigger. Traction engine activated. The net bulged. YSP had done the unthinkable. Glossop, Webster and Artur looked on in disbelief as arguably the most beautiful goal of the game and season was scored by the team’s skipper. Pandemonium ensued.

In the wake of sheer brilliance, YSP began to sit-back and bask in the glory of their footballing prowess. Excellent organisation from the likes of Artur and Carl reaped great rewards as Webster, Fuzz and Glossop were putting their bodies on the line for the team. Blocking, defending, heading (below head height), tackling and intimidating. The team did whatever had to be done up until the referee blew that final whistle that the outfield players had been craving. YSP had done it. They had their heads held high and proud. They achieved what they set out to achieve. They made the YSP fan club proud.

Final Score: 19-1(0) to the 59ers

Team: Fuzz, Chris , Luke , Scott, Carl, Artur

Goalscorers: Scott

Report written by chief YSP FC football correspondent Chris Webster.