YSP FC 8 – 11 Black Lion

Match report by Chris and Tom…

It’s been a few weeks since the last match report due to external YSP commitments (what could be more important?!) but our team has progressed at an unreal pace with the concept of defending now being fully acknowledged. You’d almost think the team had a training session the day before to discuss tactics and practice techniques but alas they had barely seen each others faces for a while. They played with organisation, flair, resilience and above all DESIRE.

The opening minutes saw the usual sparring as both team were feeling each other out (don’t tell their mums). Both teams quickly stopped feeling and goals began to flow at both ends. Yorkshire St. Pauli quickly responded to a goal from Black Lion with a peach of a goal from one of the PAFRAS signings. The goal was akin to a warm summers day as a child for the YSP boys who basked in its simmering glory. However, much like a warm summers day when you’re a child, eventually your mum calls you in for tea and Black Lion bagged another goal.

This didn’t hold the mighty YSP back as they again began to press for to search for the next goal. Searching, searching, Where’s Wally, searching, BANG. YSP had rippled the onion bag and as William Shakespeare once said “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.. cor blimy warra a good goal that were”. We might be paraphrasing but he probably would of thought the goal was a stonker too. The pressure continued and as YSP showed no signs of removing the foot from the acceleration pedal (until we did but that wasn’t our fault the other team just got a lucky bounce). At half-time the opposition had built a four goal lead as the score was a surprising 6-2.

The second half commenced and YSP unleashed Hulk ‘Hussain’ Hogan. The man, the mission, he’s the boss, he’s the championship he’s the most tip top, TOP….CORNER! GOAL NUMBER EIN. THE COME BACK WAS LIVE AND KICKING! (Just like Zoe Ball and Jamie Theakston on Saturday mornings in the late 90s). The elegance and creativeness continued as the entire team shone through the burning light of Hussain. He couldn’t miss! The goals upon goals led one member of the crowd to scream “This is not fair on the net! Give it a break it’s bulging entirely too often!” (This might not of been said but they were all actually ace). The scores quickly progressed to approximately 9-6 to the opposition. Galloping forward YSP could smell blood. They wanted this more than Ant wants Dec, more than Richard wants anyone but Judy, they really wanted it more than anyone had wanted anything before (except for Richard, he really regrets being with Judy. Nah, seriously he’s trapped and he really regrets leading her on like that). Unfortunately this DESIRE was not enough as the opposition eventually won 11-8.

For the first time in this campaign the sun was shining down on them and they played as one. YSP had shown what a unit they have become since the early days. We have created something special. A team full of love, passion and community. They came away from this game as happy people with smiles on their faces. The other team just left with points in a league that means nothing to anyone other than themselves. We have another game next week and the result doesn’t matter in that either.

After the game we caught up with Harry Redknapp who was spotted leaning out of a car window.
“What did you make of the game Harry?”
“That Hussain is a top top player, he’s got it all that kid, he can pull it out the locker”
“You think he’s one for the future?”
“Top top player but it’ll take big big money to bring him here with my set of lads”
“Okay Harry thanks for that. Just watch your head there’s an ambulance flying down the road”

We then caught up with Neil Warnock who strangely had nothing to say about anything other than “Don’t get sunburn”