Tickets : Key Details

Today the club have released various bits of information regarding tickets, which will be more important than usual for the next season due to the rebuilding of the North Stand which will reduce the capacity and make tickets very limited. Our website will be updated in the coming days with all the information, but here are the main details:

Home matches

After the first home game of the season against Ingolstadt, the plan is to go ahead with the rebuilding of the North Stand as long as all formalities are completed. This will reduce the capacity (YSP approximate capacity of Nordkurve is 5000) with season ticket holders for the North Stand being moved – with seated season ticket holders being moved to the Haupttribune and standing season ticket holders moved into the Gegengerade. The club does not have an exact date for when the rebuilding of the North Stand will be completed, except for saying they hope it is “as soon as possible”.

Tickets for the game v Ingolstadt will go on sale to members on 7th July, and remaining tickets will go on sale to others from 9th July. For games after Ingolstadt, the club will announce ticket details in due course.

Away games

Before, away tickets were either received through the Fanladen or via the away ticket centre via email. The process for the Fanladen will be the same, but the away ticket centre process has changed. Depending on the capacity of each stadium, the allocation we receive and the date of the fixture, the club will assess the likelihood of the game selling out. If we have a large capacity and they anticipate that they can meet demand for tickets, an online store will be opened and tickets processed through the online store rather than via email. This will be the case for the Aalen game, and tickets can be ordered online from 4th July.

However, for game with a high demand or small capacity, ticket requests will still be sent in writing or via email for foreign supporters. Previously, these orders were processed chronologically, however the club is now looking at alternative methods – for example a lottery, a points system or equivalent. This is not decided yet. Details for each game and the process for applying for tickets will be detailed on the website and fixture list.

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