Upcoming Screenings

After YSP’s jaunt to Hamburg this weekend without me (!)  and a run of fixtures that make streaming impossible, I’m pleased to announce the next set of Yorkshire St. Pauli screenings are at our home, Wharf Chambers Co-operative Club in Leeds. We’ve decided to go old school and kick off on Saturday afternoons at 3pm!

Saturday 4 Oct FCSP v 1FC Union Berlin (“we’ll beat the fakking onion”)
Saturday 25 October v Karlsruher SC (erm, not much I can say about Karlsruhe)
Saturday 8 November v 1FC Heidenheim (1FC? The first football club of Heidenheim? Is there any other club in Heidenheim? Actually, where in blinking ‘ell is Heidenheim?!)

I have consulted the official Yorkshire constitution and the Bundesverfassungsgericht (ah yes, Karlsruhe!) and I can confirm that we will endeavour to have as much fun at the streams as is legally allowed in Yorkshire. If you think a ‘who can hit a nail into a piece of wood’ competition was the zenith of excitement, you’ve seen nowt yet! More details to follow…