Sunday’s stream against 1FC Kaiserslautern


Sorry we’ve been away for a while, but we just wanted to quickly tell you about this Sunday’s (30th Nov) stream against the Red Devils, 1FC Kaiserlautern. We are hoping for a big turnout to show defiance that supporting FC St Pauli is about much more than results on the pitch (Gott sei dank!). This Sunday Mick YSP is organising a scarf donation for the besieged people of Kobane as winter closes in. So if you have any spare scarves – maybe an old English footy scarf of a team you used to support before you found the Magical FC – or any old scarf, they would be appreciated. Any larger items of warm clothing are welcome too and will be donated to PAFRAS, helping destitute
refugees and asylum seekers in West Yorkshire. Before the game we will hold the scarves aloft with pride as our team enters the field, then donate to a great cause. So get yersens down to Wharf Chambers in Leeds at 3pm this Sunday! Hope to see you there! St Pauli is the only option! (Rob)