12/09/2015 – Nazis Stoppen!

Germany, not unlike the UK, currently experiences a period of racism, prejudice and xenophobia against those fleeing war and poverty and seeking safety in Europe. This is not least fuelled by the right-of-center, populist German press, just as we have the Daily Mail stoking prejudice over here. There have been more than 200 attacks on refugees and asylum seekers in the first 6 months of 2015 – varying from verbal abuse to arson. In Hamburg, there were ugly scenes when the Red Cross tried to erect emergency accommodation tents in the district of Jenfeld which again included verbal abuse and threats of violence and arson.
In this context a neo-nazi march has been announced for September 2015 which caused the FC St Pauli fan committee to issue the following call to fan clubs and groups (slightly shortened):

“Dear fans and members of FC St Pauli, 

Neo-nazis and hooligans plan to march through Hamburg’s city centre with the slogan “Day of the German patriots” on September 12th 2015. We’re not having that! 
The FC St Pauli fan scene stands for an uncompromising antiracist attitude. We will not and cannot accept such a neo-nazi/hooligan-demonstration which shows contempt for humanity. 
We therefore call upon all fans and friends of our club to contribute to the counter activities against the planned right-wing march on September 12th. We also call upon all fan clubs and groups of FC St Pauli to sign the counter declaration of the “Hamburger Bündnis gegen Rechts” (Hamburg Alliance against the right-wing). It is planned to distribute the declaration in large numbers at the home match against Fürth. This will form part of a day of action. Please join in with your own banners, rolls of wallpaper etc.
Let’s show clearly that there is no room for racism with us – not on the streets, not on the stands, not in the heads. Alerta!
Your fan committee.”
Yorkshire St. Pauli is proud to be signatory to the counter declaration of the “Hamburger Bündnis gegen Rechts” as we fully share the fan committee’s intolerance of racism and neo-nazism. While we cannot stand shoulder to shoulder with those opposing the right-wing march on September 12th, we will send solidarity and support this way. Antifascista siempre!
Nicole, YSP.