As part of our 5 year celebrations, we are holding a raffle with some excellent prices to raise money for Leeds refugee charity. Raffle tickets will be available at our weekend of events on 7th and 8th May, but can also be bought online now!

Prizes include books,  t-shirts, vinyl, football tickets, tote bags, badges. In total we have over 30 prizes to be won which includes some great donations from FCSP Athens Scum, St. Pauli Fanladen, FCUM and Pluto Press (plus loads more).

Check out the twitter feed to keep up to date with the prize donations.

Buying tickets

Tickets are priced at 50p each or 5 for £2. We encourage you to buy loads because every single penny goes to PAFRAS.

If you’re unable to attend our birthday weekend in Leeds on 7th and 8th May you can order your tickets online through paypal. Please ensure you set it as a gift payment (select the option to send to a friend) so that we do not incur any paypal fee charges and please include your T-shirt size.

Our paypal address is info@yorkshirestpauli.com.

If you win and do not live locally to Leeds and we will require you to pay postage too- we’ll contact you after the event if you require postage.

The draw will be made at our football tournament on 8th May and winners will be notified following the event

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