Good news. FIFA declared earlier this week that racism had been solved, and we could all stop worrying about it. No, seriously, they did. In a week in which FIFA disbanded it’s anti-racism task force and local Leeds Conservative (wait, what, she’s LABOUR?!) MP Rachel Reeves declared we had to stop racist attacks by urm…curbing immigration (wait, what?!), we are delighted to be supporting the FARE Network’s ‘Football People’ action weeks.

Last week our Football For All session saw it’s largest ever attendance – with 38 people from over a dozen nationalities attending, playing football and making friends. Perhaps we ought to invite Rachel Reeves down to a session to show her what can be done when you tell racists that their opinions are ill-informed, abhorrent and not welcome in our society rather than pandering to them.

On Sunday 9th October we will invite people to Leeds for yet another Yorkshire St. Pauli tournament. Except this one is a bit different. Rather than inviting teams and people playing in teams they play in every week, we will be inviting individuals and arranging everyone into teams on the day at random. In the same way that our weekly Football For All sessions run, people will turn up, join teams, make friends and have a great kickabout in a fun and friendly environment.

Although the tournament is open to everyone, if you plan on attending please contact us on Facebook, Twitter or email ( so we have an idea of numbers attending!

You can find out more about the FARE Network’s Action Weeks on their site: