Yorkshire St. Pauli FC – Thank you.

2016 has seen a disgusting rise in hate-fuelled rhetoric on our streets, in our media and even down the local pub. Racism has become not only acceptable but the norm. Brexit and the abhorrent racism which followed, Donald Trump’s disgusting face and opinions, it’s fair to say that 2016 has left a vile taste in our mouth’s. 

But there’s some light. There’s a reminder that not all in this world is bad, and a glimmer of hope that somewhere down this horrible journey humanitarianism will prevail.

Every Sunday, we have the pleasure of meeting up with people and playing football. It’s that simple. We play for an hour and then go home, but those 60 minutes are enough to provide some hope and happiness. This year we’ve played football with over 100 people at our weekly Football For All sessions, with over 15 nationalities. We’ve met some amazing teams and continued to forge amazing friendships. That wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our members, followers, supporters, friends and the various organisations who have helped us.

Here’s a review of our 2016. Have a great festive period!