Crowdfunding – A Thank You. 

Since Football For All started to take off a couple of years ago we’ve constantly wrestled with the idea of looking for funding to make the project bigger and better. In fact every time we go to an event or talk to people doing similar things the topic of funding and how to get it is something that gets brought up.We looked for funding for a little while with a bit of success thanks to Hamara. But most larger forms of funding comes with strings attached and often steers you away from the organic vibe that fuels your very existence and success.

One of the best things about smashing the £1000 mark (thanks everyone!) on the crowdfunder is that we are not tied down to someone else’s expectations of what FFA should look like. We don’t have to branch out into other sports and start having to pretend we care about tennis or scuba diving.

The only people we are accountable to are the people who come along on a Sunday, every single one of you brilliant people that donated and the wider FC St. Pauli community.

Football For All is very much a collaborative effort. Everyone has an equal stake- it belongs to everyone who participates whether you’re actively having a kickabout with us, donating a fiver to us or simply sharing our project with your mates.

Like FC St. Pauli we’re internationalist- we’re a widespread community that doesn’t depend on locality for a sense of belonging and identity. This crowdfunder has proved that. Beyond monetary contributions it’s proved that every single one of you can play a part in our small yet powerful attempt at undermining the hatred and racism that currently dominates mainstream political discourse.

It’s also proved that you all really fucking love stickers and badges.