Happy Birthday, Glasgow St. Pauli! 

Over the years we’ve had several emails from people wanting advice on setting up St. Pauli fanclubs in England. So many that we’ve become quite dubious of them and whether people just think they can set up a fanclub as a easy way of getting tickets (note – we get no special preference!) or a few followers on social media. 

Then  just over a year ago we were bombarded with emails from Glasgow. How do you become a fanclub, how do you watch games, the messages went on and on. These guys were bloody keener than mustard (hope this translates well in Germany). 

A few weeks later and Glasgow St. Pauli was born. They quickly had a website, a flag, stickers, merch, and they seemed to be in Hamburg every other weekend. They had their act together, and a serious kick-ass attitude. Soon they were linking up with various charities in Glasgow and FC St. Pauli themselves for an amazing crowdfunding campaign and doing some seriously amazing work. They smashed their first target, then their second, and third. Today is the last day of their crowdfunding campaign, so go donate here if you haven’t already: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/glasgow-stpauli

A year on, and they have earned themselves a fantastic reputation and have embodied everything St. Pauli stands for. 

Happy birthday from all in Yorkshire. Enjoy your party tonight, wish more of us could be there, but will see you soon in Hamburg! 

Forza Glasgow St. Pauli. 

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