Why I Love Football For All. 

I have lived in Leeds for about 5 and a half years as I went to University here and somehow never left! Once I had left University, I started to feel quite lonely but this changed when I was introduced to Football for All about 12 months ago. Although I had never really played football, everyone there was so welcoming and it was just good fun!
Once I started to get more involved with Football for All, I learned more about the ethos of the fanclub behind it and how they began. It was a great chance to meet more like-minded people and contribute to other events. What’s great however, is that you can get involved in every event going or you can just come to Football for All – it’s all about invoking social change through football in whatever way you like!
I love how I have met so many different people from so many different backgrounds. I have learnt about other people’s cultures and at the same time, I feel that people have learnt a little bit from me and where I come from. All that’s left to say, is that I haven’t just gained a new group of friends, I have gained a new family.
Amy, YSP.