Crowdfunding Update

Four weeks ago we started our Crowdfunding campaign more in hope rather than expectation. It was a Monday morning idea, born out of a tweet from one of our followers asking if there was any way in which they could support the Football For All project we run. Coupled with an increasing frustration at funding applications and processes that often demand strict criteria, pages of information and keywords or specific actions such as introducing new sports etc, we decided to try our hand at Crowdfunding. Less than a month later, and our £1000 has been doubled. 119 people have contributed to raise exactly £2000. We decided that everything raised over our initial target will go to our partner PAFRAS (Positive Action For Refugees and Asylum Seekers).

“PAFRAS works with asylum seekers, refugees and the wider community to counter the effects of destitution. We provide emergency support, offer advice & advocacy and support people with mental health and well-being needs. Thank you so much for donating to the Yorkshire St.Pauli fund. This will help us continue to reach out to over 100 people each week by contributing to essential running costs of our drop-in and office space and to maintain our hardship fund which pays for travel to legal and medical appointments, to make fresh claims and to claim asylum in Croydon.” – Ruth, PAFRAS

We can’t begin to thank you enough for the donations and the support received. If you can’t afford to donate but you’ve liked or shared the post, we really appreciate it. We simply haven’t got the time to thank everyone individually, but hopefully we’ve contacted most of you and sent you some stickers and badges as a small token of our appreciation (if we haven’t, get in touch!).

The donations will allow us to continue to provide for our players, as well as look at new kit and equipment we can use and courses that may develop our players. It will allow us not only to continue running the project, but to expand it and ensure that as the project continues to grow we can still provide for everyone who attends.

To support the Crowdfunding campaign, on Sunday 19th February from 12pm until 7:30pm we’ll have a constant game of 5-a-side! Our players will be playing all day and all monies raised will be added to the Crowdfunding campaign where all remaining proceeds will go to PAFRAS to continue their excellent work.

The Crowdfunding campaign will remain open until Monday 20th February for any further donations. You can donate using the following link: