Yorkshire St. Pauli x Hummel: Kit Launch

It’s here! We are delighted to reveal our new Yorkshire St. Pauli FC football kit. Over the years, our old kit had got lost and it’s colour had faded, and it was quite honestly horrendous to look at. A few months back we pestered Hummel to help us out (as did some of our Twitter followers..), and Hummel responded emphatically.

Why Hummel? Well firstly, their kits are absolutely beautiful. Forget the plastic, generic identi-kits of Nike and Adidas, Hummel kits are glorious in their design. The chevrons are iconic, and the colours are bold. Then there’s the previous link with St. Pauli, a link that still sees several of the club’s teams sporting Hummel. But most importantly, Hummel’s social values are aligned with ours and the work they are involved in shows how committed they are to using Sport to help change the world. Rather than a soulless company, we have partnered with one with a huge heart. That’s vital. We are delighted to be involved with Hummel as a UK partner, and even more delighted with the absolutely glorious kits they’ve produced.

Also supporting us with this kit is ‘Football Chairman’ – the best-selling Football strategy app with over a million downloads worldwide. I say supporting us, because this isn’t an ordinary shirt sponsorship. James, one of the co-founders of the app, approached us a couple of months ago to see how they could contribute to our ‘Football For All’ project, and was keen to support us in any way they could. No demands over advertising, no strings attached, just a genuine interest in supporting what we were doing. That’ll do for us. If you’ve not yet downloaded the app, go do it and give it a try. You’ll lose hours of your life as well as plenty of hair, as you debate whether to sack your Andre Schubert in the hope you’ll find your Ewald Lienen. Just don’t rename the stadium…

So we had a kit, and we had a sponsor, but we needed a printer. Up stepped UkSoccershop – who did all the printing for us at an absolutely unreal price to ensure it didn’t break our budget, and to support the ‘Football For All’ project.

Lastly, thank you. To everyone involved, to all who helped, to those who continue to support what we are doing and making it all possible. Football For All and YSP FC continues to thrive and get bigger.

Our aim now is to be the least successful team to ever wear a Hummel kit. We’ll do you proud.

Photo credit: Lee Brown Photography