A couple of weeks ago we did a long overdue check of the Yorkshire St. Pauli FC kit supplies and noticed we were drastically lacking in useable pairs of football boots. Having chucked away a few that were falling apart or missing studs, and others that had inexplicably lost its matching pair, we were down to just 5 pairs of boots.

Two weeks later and the same kitbag is full again. Thanks to the amazing world of social media and the amazing generosity of our followers, we’ve received on average a pair of boots every day since we put out the appeal. Boots have been sent in from all over the UK and even further afield, collected in workplaces and by Football clubs and community groups and include a generous donation of boots from Asad Qureshi, West Riding FA’s Football development officer.

The impact of these boots can not be underestimated. When players turned up for our Football For All session last Sunday, their faces lit up at the arrival of new boots. In some cases players have had the same pair of boots since they joined us years ago and it has allowed them to swap them for a newer pair that weren’t falling apart at the seams.

They don’t have to be brand new or a horrificly bright colour. If you’ve got some gathering dust and going to waste, they could provide an opportunity to someone else. Not only an opportunity to score a worldie from 25 yards, but also to play football – to socialise in a community that they may not feel welcome in, to make friends and meet likeminded people.

Despite a full bag of boots, we will always need more. If you’ve got some that are still wearable but aren’t getting used anymore, get in touch with us on social media or via email (see poster below). And to those who have already donated or collected on our behalf, we can’t thank you enough.