Yorkshire St. Pauli – Supporting Football v Homophobia’s Month Of Action

Today is the start of Football v Homophobia’s month of action, and Yorkshire St. Pauli are delighted to be supporting the campaign, which celebrates diversity in football, uniting supporters, players, clubs and others across the game to take a stand against discrimination.

On Sunday 18th February Yorkshire St. Pauli will host an exhibition football match and educational workshop at Middleton Leisure Centre.

The educational workshop will be hands-on with a focus on tackling homophobia and transphobia and raising awareness about the barriers to football for the LGBT community. Whilst focussing on homophobia, we anticipate the workshop will also address transphobia as part of the positive identities program.

Anti-discrimination principles are at the core of the ethos and values of FC St. Pauli and its fanbase, and as an active fanclub we aim to promote these values proactively within our local community.

For any media enquiries, please get in touch with us via social media or email – info@yorkshirestpauli.com