The Derby.

‘Do you want anything from the bakery? A pastry or croissant perhaps’. Not the words I’d expected to be greeted with at Bahnrenfeld, the arrival destination for Sankt Pauli fans making their to the Volksstadion. The fan march had already departed prior to my arrival straight from the airport, and the remaining St. Pauli fans … Continue reading The Derby.

Boots and Kit – For All

Since our Football For All project began some five years ago, we've tried to live up to the stereotypical nature of Yorkshire folk and spending nowt where we could. We always want to self-sustaining, without relying on continued funding or continually asking people for money. We've used the power of social media for the last … Continue reading Boots and Kit – For All

What went wrong after the 16th of February 2011?

When Scott asked me to write a few words about what went wrong after February 2011, season of the last high altitude flight for FCSP in the Bundesliga, I have to admit that I started scratching my head. 2011 looked so distant with a first look and my initial thought was to respond that I’m … Continue reading What went wrong after the 16th of February 2011?