Happy Birthday, Glasgow St. Pauli! 

Over the years we've had several emails from people wanting advice on setting up St. Pauli fanclubs in England. So many that we've become quite dubious of them and whether people just think they can set up a fanclub as a easy way of getting tickets (note - we get no special preference!) or a … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Glasgow St. Pauli! 

Crowdfunding – A Thank You. 

Since Football For All started to take off a couple of years ago we’ve constantly wrestled with the idea of looking for funding to make the project bigger and better. In fact every time we go to an event or talk to people doing similar things the topic of funding and how to get it … Continue reading Crowdfunding – A Thank You. 

Football For All – Why We’re Crowdfunding

Since the start of the Football For All project in 2014, we have had overwhelming support from our supporters on social media. Quite simply, i don't think Football For All would be such a success without that support. Not only has social media allowed us to spread the word about the project and get more people … Continue reading Football For All – Why We’re Crowdfunding

Yorkshire St. Pauli FC – Thank you.

2016 has seen a disgusting rise in hate-fuelled rhetoric on our streets, in our media and even down the local pub. Racism has become not only acceptable but the norm. Brexit and the abhorrent racism which followed, Donald Trump's disgusting face and opinions, it's fair to say that 2016 has left a vile taste in … Continue reading Yorkshire St. Pauli FC – Thank you.