About Us

Are you…..

  • tired of the modern football experience – inflated ticket prices, cramped seats and over-attentive stewards?
  • sick of watching games surrounded by fans to whom racist, sexist and homophobic taunts are still the order of the day?
  • in search of a fan culture that doesn’t accept discriminatory behaviour, but prides itself on passion and enjoyment, making every game an experience and spectacle?

Or perhaps all of the above? Don’t worry, there is an alternative!

FC St Pauli was an ordinary football club until the late 1980s, when, in contrast to the rest of the game in Germany, left—wing fans began to shape the club, rooting out discrimination and celebrating the team, the club and its fan scene. Since those days the fan culture surrounding the club has grown immensely and FCSP has official supporters’ clubs across the globe.

In 2010/11 a group of Yorkshire-based FC St Pauli fans found eachother on the St Pauli UK (http://stpaulifansuk.forumup.co.uk).  We met for the first time on Friday 13th 2011, deciding to form an official fanclub in Yorkshire. So began Yorkshire St Pauli!

We meet up when the fixtures allow at the brilliant Wharf Chambers Co-operative Club, a little oasis in the middle of Leeds, to watch internet streams of St Pauli games on a large screen from beneath a concert stage adorned with banners, flags and scarves. We have also held benefit concerts surrounding the games, plus we occasionally play friendly games (very badly) against likeminded teams. But the main aim is to enjoy the football (and everything else surrounding it) amongst friends and likeminded people.

If you fancy watching the magical FC St Pauli with us in Leeds, surrounded by lovely people from Yorkshire and beyond, and maybe drinking a Sam Smiths beer or two, we’ll make you most welcome. Keep an eye on our website for details or get in touch. We might be hard Yorkshire folk, but we don’t bite – St Pauli makes us soft and gooey inside!


We have various means of communication, so if you have any queries about the group, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on one of the methods below:

Twitter: Follow us @YorksStPauli

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yorkshire-St-Pauli/187440421324679

Email: info@yorkshirestpauli.com


5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I so badly wish I lived near a supporters group. As an American fan I don’t personally know any other fans of the club. I’ve got some friends i’ve met on Twitter but that’s it. I’d love to be able to gather with a group and watch games, instead of having to watch them alone.

  2. Hello Nathan. Ironically, one of the things that inspired me to help found YSP was the East River Pirates fanclub in Brooklyn. Obviously, it’s easier to get something like this going in a conurbation where football is the main sport and where there is a history of political activism. But even if you were to find one like-minded soul with whom to watch the games, you will have started a community. Good luck. Rob YSP

  3. Come & watch a FCUM game. We wear FCSP scarves, hats, t shirts & sing the occasional “We love you we love you. (we’ll never sing YNWA tho!) Went to the FCSP 3-3 draw on 10th May 2010 to celebrate their 100th birthday & we all (about 700 of us) sang Happy Birthday St Pauli). I’d like to think they’ll come & play us when we get into Moston next year – opening friendly? German football apes English yet GB football has had the guts ripped out of it by Pl, PL players, arrogant managers, money is everything FA. [Though the Glazers were the final straw I’m glad it happened or I wouldn’t have FC nor been to watch SP]

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