Our Membership


Yorkshire St. Pauli was established in May 2011, with the idea to get a group of like-minded St. Pauli fans together to watch games. Three years on and the group has grown beyond our wildest expectations. We meet every few weeks in Leeds to watch matches, we are involved in charity work with local refugee charity PAFRAS, we run a weekly Football project and we organise several trips over per season to watch the boys in brown.


St. Pauli is a great club with a community conscience that is both aware of and provides assistance to those who need it, both in St. Pauli and beyond. St. Pauli has a broad awareness of political issues, and there are many projects run both officially by the club and also by the various fan groups of St. Pauli. We want Yorkshire St. Pauli not only to mirror the support of the football team, but the support of the community as well.

That is why this year we will continue our strong links with PAFRAS, whilst also linking up with Leeds Anti-Fascist Network to provide them financial support in the wake of the ‘vote leave’ campaign and a disturbing increase in racism on our streets. 

Please note that all our members must agree with and adhere to our Constitution. Please read it here: https://yorkshirestpauli.com/constitution/


People who are waged – minimum donation £5.

People who are unwaged – minimum donation £3.

Please note – this is a minimum donation and we would be grateful for any additional money donate if you can afford to do so. Any additional donations will be split between the Social Fund collection and PAFRAS donation as explained below.


Membership is available now, and you can renew your membership or become a new member by simply sending us your membership fee (see above for prices).

Membership can be paid either in person during one of our meetings, or via PayPal to our email address info@yorkshirestpauli.com

Please note – If you pay via PayPal, please pay the PayPal fees, otherwise we will incur a charge from PayPal for your payment which then means we won’t receive the full membership fee. PayPal should give you the option when sending the payment to say that you are sending it to “friends or family” and to pay any transaction fee. If you are paying from abroad and do not have this option, please pay an extra £1 and this will cover the PayPal fees.

If you do not use PayPal, you can also pay by bank transfer. Please email us on info@yorkshirestpauli.com for further details.

Membership fees are not obligatory, everyone is welcome to watch the games with us, but if you can afford to become a member to help with the running costs that would be great. If you have any questions about membership, please contact us via email at memberships@yorkshirestpauli.com. We are also on various websites/social networking sites, the details of which can be found in the “contact us” section.


This is the breakdown of how each membership payment is used…

£1 – £1 from each membership fee will go to the fanclub, and will be used cover costs of running the fanclub – such as our official fanclub registration with the club, the administration of our website and subscribing to St Pauli TV which allows us to show delayed streams of games.

£2 (and 50% of any additional donations above the minimum membership fee) will go to PAFRAS – Positive Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers. PAFRAS works with asy­lum seek­ers, refugees and local com­mu­ni­ties in Leeds and the sur­round­ing area, providing a range of services such as food, hot meals and vital help and advice to those who need it. You can find more information on PAFRAS on their website, below:


Finally, £2 (and 50% of any additional donations above the minimum membership fee) will go to Leeds Anti-Fascist Network to help support their activities. 

We are aware that some people do not wish to donate to charity for various reasons, therefore if this is the case please let us know when you pay your membership and instead we will donate the £4 from your membership fee to the 1910 Museum – a project to build a museum at the Millerntor.


Not at all! Our membership is open to everyone, wherever you are in the world.  All that we ask is that you adhere to the Constitution (see here).

Members will be kept updated via email as part of our mailing list for members, and each member has an equal vote in all membership matters.

6 thoughts on “Our Membership

  1. i love st.pauli,and everything they stand for. The good things in life! For Me,it is Hull City,St.Pauli . .and erm…the mighty Herne Bay. And Yorkshire County Cricket Club.

  2. ….. Another soft southerner amongst the ranks from brighton st Pauli….. Heading up with Geoff (Pikey) to watch the Frankfurt game tomorrow in the wharf chambers. Memberships sorted. Just need a bar for a decent beer tonight …. Any suggestions please?
    P.S. am packing the boots for the kick a about tomorrow morning.

  3. Great weekend Guys and Gals. Good to meet you all, and especially witness an FCSTP win together. Am trying to tot up all the lucky omens leading to the goals. Mariana (Brightonstpauli) visiting the Fraulein’s, the gathering of more than one fan club. Convincing Geoff we had more goals than we had. Either way, it’s gonna be hard to recreate down at the Zeitgeist for the Fortuna game. We’ll do our best. TIme to poke the Eastern branch GB and maybe venture out to Suffolk next. I hear George made it to work after the meal. Sorry we missed you in the pub after…… let us know when you fancy a trip to either London or Brighton and we can organise. Oh! And thanks for the ‘my big fat gypsy wedding’ experience.

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